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Who We Work With


LST works with entities of all shapes and sizes focused on building healthy, creative, and effective organizations.


Organizations that are adaptive, high-performing, self-actualizing and that attract (and retain) top talent are aligned with our ethos. 


We are passionate about it, because we believe this type of entrepreneurialism and organizing will, in fact change the world for the better.


Our Approach

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We are committed to creating healthy living systems in business, organizations, and culture. Here are a few things that signify our style and standards:

  • Synergy and win-win relationships

  • Built-in learning and refinement cycles

  • Power-sharing and distributed authority

  • Transparency and explicit articulation

  • Coherence and attunement to field phenomenon


We work virtually and internationally. The LST team is based in Austin, Texas and other remote locations across the globe. Through modern technology, as well as in-person engagements, we design and produce both non-locally and in person with our clientele.


We are here to be socially responsible as well as environmentally and economically just. We design with the benefit of all of humanity and the healthy whole system in mind.


Checking underlying assumptions and exploring patterns is critical to the integrity of our efforts. As designers and social architects, it is necessary to be in regular evaluation of our underlying assumptions and motivating stories. Be prepared to slow down, be honest and reflective as we ask questions and explore the effect of the answers.


While working to improve effectiveness & efficiency- we don’t “solve problems”. We work collaboratively in partnership with clients to foster empowerment, learning & transformation within the leadership, teams, and systems as a whole. We support and provide structure to you and your team to address your most pressing problems - with our support and your own agency.


The success of any endeavor is directly proportional to the context and conditions within the environment. Often an indirect approach can have a direct effect on the main problem. Be willing to have your world touched and informed by any engagement with LivingSystemsTech. Every part is connected to the whole, and while we may be addressing one aspect of your business or community, be aware that the process can reveal anything, about your, your environment, or the conditions of your market. Be prepared to be surprised, and have an A-Ha moment in any facet of your reality. 


Whether you are enlisting LivingSystemsTech for a short-term engagement or a multiple-stage endeavor, we value having a clear focus with definite beginnings, middles, and ends. To assure our shared satisfaction in our work together, we deploy electronic contract agreements that address both the tangible and intangible agreements that will govern at regular intervals tallying our developmental path together and providing deliverable reports, complete with systems suggestions and next steps at each stage of our work. In the process, we encourage and provide a place for client leadership reflections and learning where together we hone our experience together and mature the intelligence of your system.  Here you can explore and change immaterial and ancillary areas of your business, leadership or culture in order to advance towards your goals.

Shiloh Boss

Social Architect. Evolutionary Strategist. Founder.  

Seeing that we are on the brink of a most groundbreaking and epic time on the planet, Shiloh brings an innovative and intentional focus to inspiring and driving Conscious Evolution in the world. She creates courses and learning systems offering them to a global audience. She mentors leaders and teams with her coaching, consulting, and experience design retreats. She facilitates quantum field intelligence and collective sensemaking through applied design sciences, social technologies, deep listening, and intuitive insight. 


Knowing her life mission and purpose since she was a young child has given her an astute focus on the evolutionary, the emergent,  the necessary, and even the outdated. Growing up a gifted child, advanced in creative and intellectual pursuits, as well as naturally adept in metaphysical awareness, Shiloh has steadily cultivated her talent and abilities in an interdisciplinary, generalist fashion.  This includes honoring and studying ancient lineages of indigenous wisdom across the ages, while also riding the edges of emergent technologies, practices, and trends in the world at large.   


Considered a social scientist, and organizational psychologist, Shiloh is steadily engendering the healthy psychology of systems through her personal coaching, advising, strategy, and design science practices. Her work is informed by holistic health and human development, nature and neuroscience, transpersonal psychology and integral thinking, advanced meditation and metaphysical practices, as well as a steady study of principles and patterns found throughout the universe, and in complex, dynamic systems.  After all, everything is interconnected. 

Her work draws from decades of embodied experience practicing in Social Impact Business and Entrepreneurship, Community Development and Civics, Social Engineering, Organizational Development, Media, Technology, and Cryptocurrencies.  She holds dual degrees in Somatic & Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, as well as certifications in Spiral Dynamics Integral; Natural Design in Systems, Holacracy, Conscious Evolution, and Permaculture. She is a lifelong learner, devoted to cultivating wisdom, resilience, and regenerative society through supporting the healing, maturation, purposeful learning in individuals and social systems.


For it is this, that supports our conscious evolution and moving towards a second-tier Integral society during this most powerful time on the planet. 


Shilohs' efforts bring coherence, healing and systems change into the personal and collective learning process of teams and community by way of an intentional group endeavor, inquiry, strategic planning, graphic recording, systems architecture, governance protocols, contemplative practices, and dialogue. As a vanguard for the emerging world, Shiloh works in collaborative teams that craft a positive future for us all.

She shares birthdays with the American engineer, architect, and futurist Buckminster Fuller and has embraced his title of Evolutionary Strategist since early on in her career.  Shiloh has personally studied and worked with many of the great minds of our future-focused contemporary wisdom worldview. Namely, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Duane Elgin, Richard Rudd,  Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, Dee Coulter, Lynne Twist, Joanna Macy, Marilyn Hamilton, and Don Beck. She shares contemporary friendships with the likes of colleagues such as Nassim Haramein, Marshall Lefferts, Daniel Schmactenberger, and Jordan Greenhall. 

Some of Shiloh's noteworthy achievements include strategy, brand, program, and asset development for the Regenerative Community Initiative; a groundbreaking endeavor facilitating local empowerment and resiliency through sustainable enterprise CDFI development,  financing, and holistic city planning to make way for a Sustainable Community Partnership Bank model. Her facilitation and design process for Tribal Convergence Network, a movement to connect thousands of international visionary leaders and event producers over the span of 4 years. Additionally, leading the design and implementation of an award-winning culture and Best Place to Work in San Diego while scaling the publishing enterprise with over 170M visitors a year, from 3 to 25M in revenue. She was also on the initial executive leadership team that brought The Gene Keys, a world-renowned book, curriculum, and community-based on raising the frequencies of our DNA, through conscious evolution, contemplation, and epigenetics.


Shiloh consults in self-organizing governance practices and business development solo and with an integrated design team. Providing leadership retreats, learning communities, and eco-oriented enterprises with strategy, design, and facilitation services for high leveraged impact and expansion, through action-based learning, and teambuilding, as well as ongoing advisory services and strategic support. 

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