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Manifesting with
Natural Intelligence

At Living SystemsTech, we are dedicated to enlightening business and culture through the application of living systems principles on all scales.


From vision to implementation,  the intelligence of nature and living systems provides an effective framework and guidelines to assist enterprises in navigating the challenges of our modern world and head towards a future of integrity, resiliency, and reciprocity with the environment and humanity.


Focusing on the psychology of systems and placing a hearty emphasis on "How" we see and do things allows for a novel way of acting and implementing in the world. In turn, this approach makes way for the subtle and profound shifts in our current society and modern business environment demands.

Through our efforts, we build relationships and systems that achieve greater health, efficiency, integration, dynamism, resiliency, and service to the market

- as well as a greater whole.



Explore the ways that we can walk with you through a life cycle stage.  

Our packages support your business, organization,  or individual evolutionary journey moving through its next stage of discovery

and into its next phase of embodiment. 

Structured Processes

We hold a library of proven processes that provide a clear design path that we can will produce sure results. 

As we assess your needs and situation, we reference our set of options and walk you through our process. 

Custom Design

Some scenarios are so nuanced or complex, or near and dear and deserve a highly customized design approach to generate the outcomes you need. 

With our expertise in psychology of systems, and integral design science we can craft a project and process sure to address your needs.  

  • Get my insight on any business topic or situation.

    1 hr 30 min

    227 US dollars
  • Reserve a standing regular meeting with me

    1 hr

    Quarterly or Yearly
  • Hire me as an advisor or board member to help with a key project, due ...

    1 hr


Concept Development

From the very onset of any endeavor, a thoroughly cooked concept is critical to making way for success. LivingSystemsTech engages with you as a thinking partner to illuminate the underpinnings of your vision and clearly scope out the territory you intend to claim.


With our vision and concept development, we will generate a foundation that will provide an ongoing source of inspiration, purpose, and direction to empower you into the future.


Vision and Concept Development can include::


  • Design, ideation, and project scoping to prepare you for your work ahead

  • Discovering your core values, guiding principles, or brand story

  • Articulating your vision, mission, and position (and envisioning them in play)

  • Positioning and Business Model generation

  • Alignment amongst key players and stakeholders

  • Establishing foundational Agreement fields & basic Governance principles

Strategic Consultation & Planning

Call upon LST to develop the strategis and tactics that help teams and leaders respond to the challenges and opportunities of the future society and regenerative era.

With a clear vision intact, you and your enterprise are equipped to develop a strategic plan for purposeful action.  


LST uses a graphic facilitation methodology that thoroughly explores the context and territory you must navigate in order to achieve your goals. This strategic visioning process provides a whole systems perspective and crafts a comprehensive strategic overview.  


A strategic overview is an initial and critical stage in a comprehensive pathway of strategic action. LivingSystemsTech progresses through gradations of planning to equip you with a comprehensive plan complete with workstreams of prioritized actions, project missions, outcomes and goals to prep you and your team for implementation.


This stage of the game sets you and your enterprise up for a coherent, coordinated effort with clear goals and defined roles. All of which creates a streamlined, integrated whole systems rollout.

Call on us for:​​​:

  • Strategic Visioning and Design Process

  • Systems Change Management

  • Strategic Action Plans

  • Product Launches

  • Implementing Protocols for Success

Organization & Systems Design

Moving vision and strategy into implementation requires systems and structure to anchor potential into reality. Call upon LivingSystemsTech for superb design science to support you in crafting any critical component of your enterprise.


Whether it be a curriculum, campaign, network, or organizational structure, LivingSystemsTech is equipped with experience and creativity that will bring your vision manifest.

Keen to the critical dynamics, conditions, and requirements of healthy systems, thriving organizations, and culture, LivingSystems
Tech is able to provide essential frameworks, tools, and design that will operationalize your intention within your current context.

Call on us for::

Systems Design

  • Community and Social Architecture

  • Learning Systems and Experience Design,

  • Organizational Systems and Infrastructure

  • Tech Platforms and Gaming 

  • Social Networks and Systems Architecture

  • Protocols an Order of Operations

  • Governance and Decision making

Process Design

  • Onboarding and Engagement

  • Curriculums and Learning Pathways

  • Campaigns and Movement Making

  • Workflow and Production Planning

  • User Experience Design


Creating and sustaining an environment where all parties feel welcome, the reason for coming together is clear, the experience is rich and revealing, and meaningful outcomes are generated is both an art and a science.  Important meetings often require a neutral party to host an environment where everyone has a voice and key objectives can be addressed. Formulating effective questions and creating a context that stimulates and produces insight and momentum begets a sensitive and effective design.  This is one of our specialties. 

The team at LivingSystems
Tech has dedicated themselves to the path of mastery in Facilitation.  Different groups and gatherings coming together for various reasons require a multitude of facilitation styles, and we revel in the dynamism and diversity to show up and hold a group in a manner that works for them and the purpose of their coming together.  Whether you have a small focused group or a large diverse constituency, LivingSystemsTech is equipped with a variety of methodologies to engage your group in a manner that meets your needs and creates meaning for everyone. 

Call upon us for:

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Scenario planning

  • Alignment amongst stakeholders

  • Negotiation and Mediation

  • Dialog and Discovery Process

  • World Cafe

  • Open Space Technology

  • Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording

  • Critical Conversations

  • Collective Intelligence

  • Rituals, Retreats, and Events

Learning Environments

Success in the modern world is defined by our capacity for ongoing learning and adaptation. People learn in various ways and certain conditions generate an environment conducive to the high creativity and resilience any community or organization requires in order to adapt and withstand the test of time.


Whether you are in person, or virtual around the globe, LST can provide best practices and design support to assure your learning objectives are fostered in a culture that will carry them through the seasons.


 You may be in a  specific learning process solving a problem or fashioning an entirely new approach for your team,  or perhaps you want to create a culture of ongoing learning, LivingSystemsTech brings techniques from cognitive learning theory and organizational frameworks to support your culture in collective intelligence, breakthrough thinking, innovation and being your own learning organization. 

Call upon us for::


  • Fostering Psychological Safety & Emotional Intelligence

  • Deliberately Developmental Organizations

  • Creating a learning organization and culture

  • Instilling a culture of  creativity and innovation

  • Designing for multiple learning styles

  • Curriculum and program design

  • Training and development

  • Prototyping and Innovation

  • User Experience Design

Future Cities, Resiliency & Civic Innovation

By 2050 is predicted that  70% of the world will live in cities and urban areas. We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to create cities that are intelligently designed for humans and the planet. We have a window of time where civic engagement & innovation, eco-villages, and leap-frogging our existing cities into bright green and culturally vibrant future is essential. 

Tech has the expertise to support these essential civic and village transitions and transformation through a variety of services::

  • Integral Cities and Regenerative Society Design

  • Scenario Planning and Future Casting: Helping you envision the multiple potentials of your new city plan or village blueprint and then working with your community to strategically converge on the best possible scenarios for a resilient and thriving future

  • Civic events and public engagement programs supporting culturally vibrant and sustainable cities

  • Dialogue, Distributed Governance, and Collective Intelligence Sensemaking

  • Capacity Building and Creative Learning Spaces

  • Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Science 

  • Economy Design for promoting resilient communities- creative economic & resource plans including regenerative economies, community asset mapping, currency design, and exchange methods.


Let us know how we can help bring your vision closer to reality. 

Contact us for Custom Packages, VIP Retreats, and Consultation Rates. 

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